Free Bankruptcy Consultation

Don’t let excessive debt ruin your life.  If debt and debt collectors are making your life miserable, there is a solution. Congress created the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to give hard working people like you a chance to start over.

There is help to stop foreclosure and end harassing collection calls, but you need to take the first step. At the Coke Law Firm, we invite you to call on us for answers to your questions about bankruptcy.

Discuss Your Situation With a Columbia, Missouri Bankruptcy Lawyer

Tell us about your case, ask questions, and find out what your options are.  We will ask you to bring just the information we need to help you decide whether bankruptcy is your best option for the free initial consultation. We’ll answer your questions and help you understand the bankruptcy process.

Here are some of the things we’ll talk about in the free consultation:

  • How the bankruptcy process works.
  • What the bankruptcy court will and will not take away from you.
  • Which of your debts can be eliminated by bankruptcy and which debts can’t be eliminated.
  • Are you eligible to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
  • When is Chapter 13 bankruptcy your best or only option?
  • What is the true impact of bankruptcy on your future, family, career, and credit?
  • Is bankruptcy your best option?

At the end of the meeting, Justin will recommend your best course of action and explain the reasons for his recommendation.

When Bankruptcy Is Your Best Option, the Time To Do It Is Now

Bankruptcy can cut off years of struggle with debt. When most of your loan and bill payments are going toward interest and penalties, it becomes nearly impossible to pay off your debts.

Every dollar you pay in interest and penalties is a dollar that you could use to make life better for yourself and your family. If you are eligible to file for bankruptcy, there is no good reason for delay. The time to do it is right now.

Bankruptcy Myths Versus the Truth

Bankruptcy myths are alive and well. Many clients who come to us fear embarrassment, the loss of their home or their car, or expect a life of misery after bankruptcy.

Here is the truth about bankruptcy:

    1. Most people don’t lose any property in bankruptcy. You can probably keep your house and car.
    2. Your credit will not be ruined. In fact, most people’s credit scores go up within a year after filing bankruptcy. New creditors are worried about whether you can pay them back in the future. They are not worried about your past.
    3. Your tax refund can be protected.

The truth is that bankruptcy is often your best option to deal with debt problems.

We understand that the hardest part of bankruptcy for you might be taking the first step to call a lawyer. That’s why we make this step as easy as possible.

Justin Coke is happy to sit down with you and give you a free face-to-face appraisal of your situation to see if bankruptcy is the best option for you. One short conversation with Justin could cut off years of struggle with debt. (And Justin is a friendly guy to talk to.)

How to Get Your Free Bankruptcy Consultation

We give you two easy ways to schedule your free consultation:

  1. Call us at (573) 886-8919.
  2. Visit our Contact page and complete a simple form.
We’ll respond to your request within one day and schedule your consultation at a time that’s convenient for you.