About Justin Coke

Justin Coke graduated from the University of Missouri School of Law in 2007. He has practiced in Columbia ever since.

Justin has helped hundreds of clients regain their financial freedom through the legal process of bankruptcy. In 2010, Justin opened his own firm, the Coke Law Firm.

Here’s What the Coke Law Firm Believes About the Process of Bankruptcy

Clients should never feel embarrassed or guilty about filing for bankruptcy. More than 1.5 million individuals and couples file for bankruptcy each year. Some get hit by uncontrollable events like job loss or medical expenses that aren’t covered by insurance.  Sometimes the debt spirals out of control.  Regardless of the cause, Justin is here to help.  His focus is on getting you a fresh start for the future.  Bankruptcy laws were created to make sure debt does not ruin your life.

At the Coke Law Firm, we don’t think of bankruptcy as failure. We think of bankruptcy as giving you a chance at a fresh start in life.

By helping our clients through the process of bankruptcy, we free them from enormous stress and help them create a better future.

The Coke Law Firm’s Approach to Helping Clients

Because they fear bankruptcy or feel guilty about it, some people spend months and even years struggling with debts they’ll never be able to pay off. People have heard  false stories that their credit will be destroyed forever or that they will lose their house or cars.  The first step in deciding the right course is getting real advice from an attorney.  Relying on hearsay and urban legends about bankruptcy will not lead to good decisions.

At the Coke Law Firm, we understand why people struggle to avoid bankruptcy, but sometimes it is the only realistic option. We take pride in helping our clients get past their fears and worries about bankruptcy and letting them make a rational decision based on the real pros and cons of bankruptcy.

We offer a free consultation. At that meeting we’ll answer your questions and tell you the truth about bankruptcy.  Then you can decide which course is better for you.

When bankruptcy is your best option, the time to do it is now. Delay only makes the situation worse, as late fees and stress pile up.

The Difference the Coke Law Firm Makes

We try to make the bankruptcy process simple and stress free.  We do that by clearly outlining what you need to do, and doing what we can to make the process pain free.

At the Coke Law Firm, We Take a Different Approach

For the first meeting, we’ll ask you to bring  just the information we need to help you decide whether bankruptcy is your best option. We’ll also use the first meeting to answer your questions and to help you understand the bankruptcy process.

If you decide to proceed with filing for bankruptcy, we will strive to ensure that the steps are clearly outlined and as simple as possible. As your case progresses, we’ll keep you informed and be available to answer your questions.

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